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Lucille Janette Salisbury, 1920, 9 mos.

Ida Amanda (Schwartz) Fair

Elizabeth Jane & Ethel A. Scoles

George Henderson & Leapha Mae (Eubank) Scoles

George Henderson Scoles, 1929

Leapha Mae (Eubank) & George H. Scoles and Oressa Geraldine (Scoles) Moyer

Oressa Geraldine, 2 yrs 5 mos & Leapha Mae (Eubank)Scoles

Oressa Geraldine (Scoles) Moyer, 1939

Oressa Geraldine (Scoles) Moyer

George H. Scoles, Oressa Geraldine (Scoles) Moyer & Theodore Scoles

Mae (Brown) & Elwin Eubank and Oressa Geraldine (Scoles) Moyer

Theodore, Ethel, Mary & Cordelia Scoles

Theodore Scoles & William Feiner

Stella May (Selby) Duncan

Cecile Olga Spencer

James Will, Nancy (Jasper) & Amasa Spencer

John Charles Spencer

Josephine Lee Spencer

Ripley Montcalm Spencer

Samuel Marsh & Sarah Ellen (McCammon) Spencer

Thursa Ellen (Spencer) Cannon

William Spencer

William Melville Spencer

Gertrude (Spencer) & John Handy Sturges

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