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Velma Elizabeth (Anderson) Jeffries

W. Scott & Effie Mae (Weddle) Armsworth

Mary Browne

John Elbert Cannon

John Rosser Cannon

John Rosser & Thursa Ellen (Spencer) Cannon Family

Levi Otho & Flora Ella (McGee) Cannon Family

Minnie Mae Cannon

Ora Effie Cannon

Vriginia Myrtle (Cannon) Hamilton

Serina Jane Chesser

Barbara Ann Duncan

Charles Flynn, Herschel & Willard Duncan

Elvin & Leo Fair, Opal Duncan, Mervil Fair & Willard Duncan

Herschel Robert Duncan

Lena May Duncan

Marguerite Duncan, Rosetta Flynn & Ruth Duncan

Martha Fean (Duncan) Andrews

Opal Mildred (Duncan) SMart

Perry Leo & Ruby Ann (Hughes) Duncan

Rosa Jane (Eanes) & Oscar Sheily Duncan

Stanley, Stella (Selby), Herschel, Willard & Opal Duncan

Virgil Nidiffer, Herschel & Willard Duncan

Violet Rosemond & William Wayne Duncan

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